About Us

Bioluminology was founded in 2017 by Michael Monk, the creator of the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute. Michael is a self taught energy practitioner and healer who began his journey by receiving spontaneous telepathic communications and unexplainable miraculous happenings via prayer to the Divine Source. Attempting to understand the mechanisms behind the miracles he experienced is what led him to the art of energy mastery after spending years in isolation to meditate, study and pray. The understandings that he gained became the teachings that he shared with the world through the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute.

After 7 years of teaching energy mastery and consciousness expansion through that medium Michael decided it was time to completely remake all of his material into new teachings that reflect everything he learned in those years of assisting others. With the help of Connor Paschall (a student Michael trained to mastery level who is also a professional animator) Michael intends Bioluminology to stand as his final life’s work and completion of his mission – to provide humanity with the most simple, grounded, practical and efficient methods to obtain higher consciousness and enlightenment  via the arts of energy mastery.

All that have studied with Michael know that he has a gift of communication, an uncanny ability to take advanced and obscure concepts and convey them in simple terms that are easy to understand. The exercises he has developed have a proven track record for allowing people from all from all levels of understanding to obtain higher states of consciousness in a record amount of time and with only the use of verbal communication. Now, with the aid of Connor Paschall, Michael’s teachings are coupled with professional level animations to provide visual aids. What was already easy to understand and implement is now as simple and effortless as humanly possible.