Advanced Course

A Profound Expansion on Everything Learned in the Awakening Course

Master the arts of Telekinesis and expand your Soul Mass connection with your internal and external environment. Learn advanced techniques of soul projection and begin to have 5 – 10 Out of Body experiences every night!

Harness advanced techniques of Self Healing, utilizing all of your energy awareness gained in the Awakening Course. Expand your Extra Sensory Perception in miraculous ways, strengthen your energy body and MUCH MORE!

Advanced Course includes:

  • Energy Attunement (level 2) – An even greater refinement of your connection to internal and external energy and a continued development of your ability to hold greater amounts of energy within your being required for performance of advanced energy abilities.
  • Telekinesis – Learn to influence wind, water, energy, fire and matter with your mind and soul energies.
  • Self Healing – Master your health by using advanced techniques of energy healing, harnessing all of the knowledge gained in the Avatar Awakening Course. Many modalities covered such as quantum, sound, prayer, higher self, and more.
  • Out of Body Projection Level 2 – Learn to have 5 – 10 Out of Body experiences every night utilizing effective and advanced techniques of soul projection.
  • Shape Shifting and Dimensional Shifting – Harness amazing abilities of Shape Shifting from your Light Body and learn to Shift between Dimensions at will while out of your body.
  • Soul Mass Expansion – Vastly expand your field of awareness, increasing your ability to feel more of the world around you as being a part of your self and thus increase your ability to influence it with your mind, heart and energy.
  • Advanced Sensory Overlap – Complete your understanding of Sensory Overlap and Extra Sensory Perception. Experience the world around you in a magical way that very few have ever learned.
  • Free Weekly Webinar – Michael meets with the students once per week in a live web seminar discussing the lessons and other material he does not share anywhere else and performs group energy healing and higher consciousness activations.