Awakening Course

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Evolution to the Light Body & Full Connection to Universal Energy

Become clairvoyant and as one with your infinite soul energies and your external environment. Feel all life as an extension of yourself, making unity and oneness with all life experiential, not just theoretical.

Harness Extra Sensory Perception and turn every moment of your life into a rich and vibrant spiritual experience. An entirely new and magical way to perceive your self and the world you live in awaits you.

Complete your connection with your Higher Self and meet your Soul Family in the Spirit Worlds. Have direct multidimensional experience of the Divine and eliminate the need to get this type of information from others.

Awakening Course includes:

  • Energy Attunement (level 1) – Train your consciousness to feel at all times the universal energy flowing in and out of your body, develop your nerve fiber system to steadily be able to conduct and feel greater amounts of energy.
  • Clairvoyance – Learn to see the universal energy field connecting all life and matter, vastly increasing your conscious ability to feel the vibrational energy grid connecting all consciousness.
  • Lucid Dreaming and Spirit World Awakening – Achieve Level 1 Out of Body Travel, achieving full consciousness in both your dream worlds and the co-created Spirit Worlds. Meet your Soul Family and interact directly with your Higher Self.
  • Mind and Heart Expansion – Expand your mind and soul past your body and feel all life and matter as literally being a part of the self, an extension of your being. This is the gateway to all advanced metaphysical abilities and the key to a Paradise Earth life experience.
  • Chakra Balance and Gland Control – Balance your energy centers and gain control of the major glands (Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus and Adrenal) allowing you greater health, emotional balance, and ‘at will’ access to higher energies.
  • Sensory Overlap – Learn to overlap the 5 senses via ESP giving you a far more in-depth, rich and vibrant experience of the physical life on Earth, being one with nature in ways never dreamed of. Learn to see what you hear, taste what you touch, hear what you see – all of the senses can be combined and overlapped with complete control allowing you to be immersed ‘at will’ in a marvelous sensory experience.
  • Ascension Diet – Dietary guidelines for empowerment and energy sensitivity. Maximize your training by understanding how different foods affect your energy.
  • Build the Body with Mind and Spirit – Use your mind, energy and control of pituitary gland (creates and releases Human Growth Hormone) to heal and build your body! Loose weight and stay in great shape with a simple 5 minute daily meditation! Effect is very similar to the expensive Human Growth Hormone injection therapies except it is all natural¬† and free.
  • Free Weekly Webinar – Michael meets with the students once per week in a live web seminar discussing the lessons and other material he does not share anywhere else and performs group energy healing and higher consciousness activations.
  • 7 Day Risk-Free Trial!¬†– Simply cancel your membership before the end of 7 days for any reason.

Our course material is published as video lessons through our online Energy Mastery School Forum.
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