Mastery Course

Master Advanced Metaphysical Abilities and Achieve Practitioner Certification

The final stage of training in Bioluminology, the most advanced metaphysical abilities will be taught here! Achieve a level of consciousness that goes far beyond what has been thought to be possible and enhance your life in miraculous ways!

Gain a skill set that will enable you to prove the reality of energy mastery to anybody and become a catalyst for activating higher consciousness in others! Students will be awarded Practitioner Certification upon proving their understanding and will have a personal page on our website.

Mastery Course Includes:

  • Healing and Activation of Others – Master the most advanced techniques of Spiritual Healing known to humanity. Learn to merge your consciousness with others and expand their minds and souls into your level of awareness, proving to them the reality of energy mastery and elevating them to higher consciousness.
  • Orbing (Out of Body Level 3) – Learn to form an orb of light energy, place your mind inside of it and travel Out of Body from the full waking state of consciousness. This is the universal level of out of body travel. You will break all barriers of space and time and achieve a level of freedom that very few have obtained.
  • Merging with Nature (Animals – Plants – Elements) – Once you can orb we will show you the secret abilities of advanced shamanism. You will be able to go inside/merge with any animal on the earth. See what they see, feel what they feel. Ever wanted to fly as an eagle? How about a butterfly or dragonfly? Or explore the ocean, swimming as a dolphin or a whale? Or become one with a tree for the afternoon and enjoy the blissful existence of the supreme rest. There are NO limitations once you can orb.
  • Advanced Clairvoyance and Bi-Location – Learn to see and be multidimensional. Peer into and take part in multiple realities at the same time, even be more than one place at the same time on Earth.
  • Time Travel – Discover how to project your consciousness forwards and backwards in time! Accessing the quantum field of simultaneous time you will be able to travel to prehistoric times and as far into the current projected future as you wish. Once you know the secrets of time you can explore the past and future of any system of reality.
  • Telepathy – Learn to tune to and share the electromagnetic brainwaves of others. Learn to dialogue with images and vibration, as well as think and feel the same thing at the same time as others.
  • Weather Control – Balance the weather of your location, quell storms, prevent natural disasters.
  • Learn as We Learn – We are always growing in our abilities and understanding so will be constantly updating the Mastery Course with every new understanding we gain. It is an eternal work in progress.