Core Philosophy

The Age of Unity Consciousness and the Rise of the Higher Self

We believe that all of the problems the world is currently facing is due to a society in separation consciousness. The standard experience of this reality is one of separation – I am in my body and you are in yours, anything outside of the body is ‘the world we live in’ or the ‘people we know’ yet not seen as being a part of the self. This fact, coupled with the need to survive, has led to all of the problems we have faced since the dawn of time all the way up to the corrupt modern society we now live in.

Philosophies of unity have been given to us by many great ones in the past like Christ and Buddha, to treat and love others as your own self and while we may have bettered our world somewhat with the philosophies it has not led to a completion of harmony because the philosophy is contrary to our nature which is one of separation. What we need, instead of expecting everyone to adhere to philosophy that is contrary to their nature, is to change the very nature of the human race, to ascend from separation consciousness into unity consciousness, to become our Higher Self!

This is easier to achieve than many may think. With the teachings offered here at Bioluminology one learns to quickly shift their consciousness from being based in the human body to being based in the electromagnetic soul energy that is the source of it’s life. This is what we call the ‘Light Body’ or the ‘Higher Self’ and it’s natural state of existence is one of unity consciousness not separation.

The Higher Self is connected as one to all life via an intricate web of what we call ‘universal energy’, allowing it to literally feel all life as being an extension of the self, as being a part of it’s very body! From the perception of the Higher Self one sees that they are not (and never where) separated from the world around them, that it is a direct extension of our own being! Thus the happiness and well being of others and the condition of the planet has a direct impact on our own happiness and well being!

This causes one to automatically and naturally behave in a way that is harmonious and beneficial for the whole without having to adhere to any type of mental philosophy, in this way it is not the mind of the person that has changed but their very nature! The experience of unity consciousness via the Higher Self is miraculous beyond belief, a vast upgrade in the quality of individual experience! Every moment of one’s life becomes a rich and vibrant spiritual experience and thus it will be natural that everybody will desire to do the small amount of work necessary to obtain it.

When we have shifted, as a whole, out of separation and into unity consciousness then the world we create will automatically and naturally reflect that. It will change the foundations of everything from science, art, philosophy, mathematics, technology and even systems of government. Everything we are attempting to do currently to make our world a better place is merely treating the symptoms of the disease and not the problem itself. It does not matter what we create, if it comes from a state of separation then it will ultimately end up in corruption.

The only true path to the Utopian world  that we long for is for each individual to end the state of separation and become their Higher Self, to make the experience of unity consciousness their normal operating state. Bioluminology and other schools of higher consciousness are now surfacing to fulfill this great need. We do not expect to change the world as any one school or individual but we will plant strong seeds, we will teach a few who will go forth and teach many and the many that they teach will teach many more until the knowledge that we share here will be common knowledge to all of humanity.

Metaphysical Philosophy

The Crystal Body, Dimensions and Densities