Core Philosophy

The Return of the Divine Feminine

We believe in the return of the Divine Feminine and that it is a critical part of what will heal this world and lead humanity to the completion of their evolution. This is an internal event that happens within each of us and has nothing to do with physical gender but with an acknowledgement and tuning of self to the Divine Feminine Archetypes of the Soul which embody the aspects of sensitivity, empathy, compassion, intuition, feeling, nurturing, reception and perception.

For too long humanity has been out of balance with a society that celebrates the masculine and represses the feminine and this has crippled us physically and spiritually. We believe in a Divine Source that created this world and oversees it’s evolution and that this Divine Source is Masculine and Feminine, God and Goddess as ONE. Many ancient (and modern) prophecies have pointed to a return of the Divine Feminine and we believe that time is now upon us.

Metaphysical Philosophy

The Crystal Body, Dimensions and Densities