Watch this to see how you can ascend beyond 3D ...

Learn how to:
• Quiet the Mind
• Eliminate Anxiety
• Experience Out of Body Travel
• Remote View
• Awaken in Dream States
• See Auras
• Feel Electromagnetic Energy
• Balance Chakras
• Learn Energy Healing
• Achieve Empathy with Anything


What You Will Learn in This Course

  • Center Yourself

    Fill the emptiness within you that hungers for distractions and consumption

  • Find Peace

    Find inner peace that you can take with you wherever you go and eliminate social anxiety

  • Break Through

    1-on-1 complimentary coaching call to ensure you break past your barriers and reach new levels TODAY!

  • Meditate

    Learn to quiet the mind, still racing thoughts, and create a mental environment for meditation

  • Perceive

    Open your third eye to perceive energy with all five senses

  • Transform Your Reality

    Reprogram your subconscious, slash limiting beliefs, and manifest your dreams


What Others Are Experiencing

  • "I'm feeling so inspired by your new material. It's a blast. I think everybody that does it will have immediate results from it...putting your awareness from your left brain into your left hand, you can feel it instantly going there, and also creating orbs -- it's just amazing, it just works for me right away. I think everybody that does the material will have instant access and success with it. It's amazing! Thank you so much."

    Fabian Heilmann Basel, Switzerland
  • "I've been with Michael and his school now for a year and a half... It has helped me to feel and experience energy to levels that I didn't even think were possible... it's just taken it to an entirely different level and it's just simply from having the visuals to assist with the learning process. I'm really grateful and proud to be part of the school and if you haven't signed up already, please do, because it's going to change your life. I kid you not, it will."

    Michelle bailey Adelaide, south australia
  • Kevin Matthews Woodbridge, virginia
  • sabina stodulski Niagara Falls, Canada

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Become clairvoyant and as one with your infinite soul energies and your external environment. Feel all life as an extension of yourself, making unity and oneness with all life experiential, not just theoretical.

Complete your connection with your Higher Self and meet your Soul Family in the Spirit Worlds.

Turn every moment of your life into a rich and vibrant spiritual experience.

Avatar Awakening Course includes:

Energy Attunement - Train your consciousness to feel at all times the universal energy flowing in and out of your body, develop your nerve fiber system to steady be able to conduct and feel greater amounts of energy.

Clairvoyance - Learn to see the universal energy field connecting all life and matter, vastly increasing your conscious ability to feel the vibrational energy grid connecting all consciousness.

Lucid Dreaming and Spirit World Awakening - Achieve Level 1 Out of Body Travel, acieving full consciousness in both your dream worlds and the co-created Spirit Worlds. Meet your Soul Family and interact directly with your Higher Self.

Mind and Heart Expansion - Expand your mind and soul past your body and feel all life and matter as literally being a part of the self. This is the gateway to all advanced metaphysical abilities and the key to a Paradise Earth life experience.

Chakra Balance and Gland Control - Balance your energy centers and gain control of the major glands (Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus and Adrenal) allowing you greater health, emotional balance, and 'at will' access to higher energies.

Sensory Overlap - Learn to overlap the 5 senses via ESP giving you a far more in-depth, rich and vibrant experience of the physical life on Earth, being one with nature in ways never dreamed of.

ALSO INCLUDED: Advanced & Path to Mastery Courses!!

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  • Avatar Awakening Course $67 value
  • Avatar Advanced Course $98 value
  • Avatar Path To Mastery Course $198 value
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Current Price     $48.00

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