I have been in an incredible awakening since I join the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute (AEMI). I have a scientific background and business graduate studies. For many years, I immerse myself reading and learning with a determination on internal transformation for the best. I started in a Path work of Self-Transformation since always felt the current world, and our created illusions can be Transform with truth. In search for deeper purpose and meaning, I got all in theory and explore spirituality, so called spiritual masters, speakers and motivators at large.

Finally, with AEMI, I have found a TRUE connection between my consciousness/mind and all the theory-knowledge, between Science-knowledge and Spirit, between body and spirit, between all of them, as we are ENERGY. Not but casualty, as I believe in synchronicity and readiness, I finally found AEMI amazing masters on my mind-body-spirit complex journey. AEMI has being the only one to put all together for me, to open up infinite avenues and truly make me understand, get in practical connection, experience and live here and now, my OWN SELF GOD SPARK. Here in my beloved planet Earth, now in this reality, my sacred god Spark self. Although it is rather challenging to explain with words, I started already experiencing how amazing is to become what we really are. To start remembering who and what we really are, and start integrating it all.

I am fully committed as I can feel everyday, understand and experience what Michael Monk refers to as Soul Mass Growing. My awareness, my assimilation, my being in and out of my physical body. I started feeling beyond my regular human senses: smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, seeing, thanks to AEMI lessons. As I feel more balance, calm and center everyday, I feel more and more with my senses thanks to the lessons I have being practicing.

I am becoming my own healer as well, as I experienced how my skin, my tendons and ligaments, among other physical issues are either healed or in the process of healing. I felt also I am not experiencing colds or virus as I used to get before. I feel I am in good health and have confirmed it going to Western Medicine Doctors just for regular check up.

More and more, I am discovering new things That are the Truth, my Truth, everyday, but not just in theory, listening to a guru or so called enlighten person but experientially. Experience it on my own in this realm, in this dimension and density, beyond, and keeping growing as I just started!!!

What I am learning and most importantly experiencing is indescribable, is to feel the wonders of our own energy and the energies of all surrounding, beyond our physical body. To grow, keep growing and feeling not just is a task anymore of my left brain (understanding, the logic engine that I had worked out during my whole life) but rather awake and start developing my right brain. Not just that, integrating both brain sides and understand that my mind, my consciousness is where ever I direct it to be, where ever I choose it to be in my body. Understand the brain is just an organ.

I am up to continue growing with AEMI and not just awakening and remembering All that I am, my I AM presence.

Desiree Briceno/Desiree

I’m still in awe at how fast I’m progressing in my classes at Avatar Energy Mastery Institute (AEMI). Master teacher, Michael Monk, has a gift of simplifying esoteric ideologies, using language in a way that bridges intuition and mind, emotion and spirit. When he explains something, I just get it, on every level.

Within weeks of beginning the Avatar Awakening course I was able to do things like smell with my eyes, see auras very clearly and meet/integrate my other selves in the mirror morphing exercise. I also activated my avatar chakras and since then everything I see appears more vibrant, sparkling and alive.

I am now a Path to Mastery student and I’m learning how to orb. Several days ago I orbed to a huge pine tree about 30 feet outside my (closed) window and I could smell the fragrance of pine needles and bark so intensely. I was the tree. I can’t even explain what I felt in words (but I bet Michael could!) ;o)

In the forums you can connect with other students and share your experiences, ask questions and get loving support. I don’t know how they do it, but Michael and Francesca are always there to answer questions and offer praise and support. When you post something in the forum, someone normally answers within minutes. I am so grateful for my AEMI family!

Barbara Hurry

Dear Michael Monk. I was suffering from Hemorrhoids since 2002. I tried different allopathic medications but none resolved the issue, just alleviate the pain. I was advised to operate. I kept on delaying an operation, I don’t believe in invasive procedures.

I had one telephone session with you and the Hemorrhoids disappeared!

There is no more bleeding or pain. This is unbelievable.

Many , many thanks for your work and dedication.
In good health,

Sol Azulay

Although I am no stranger to energy work, the results of working with the tools provided in these courses is obvious and exponential. I’ve only been with the crew for ten days, but truth be told it was within minutes that I was understanding the fields around and within me directly. Michael, Peter and Francesca provide a brotherly/sisterly environment of encouragement in which every student has plenty of room to grow, and all the support they need.

In the internet age, nearly everyone has fallen for, or been warned of scam. We are wary, naturally, having been burned by unscrupulous individuals. I can absolutely testify that Michael and Peter are the real deal. All you have to do is take the free trial, do the exercises, and you too will see. This is something we all were born to do. 🙂

Anthony Wallace/Zaruga

I am not a quick learner, and as such spent a lot of time searching the different disciplines of science, religion, cults, etc, with related dogma, trying to find some real truth, found bits and pieces here and there I thought, but not enough to want to commit to any one. In Avatar energy mastery, I found the teaching of the natural energy in us, and surrounding us, how we can use it properly and incorporate it into our lives together. And the useful bits and pieces of all the others and more began to come together in a more understandable fashion. In learning from Avatar, I am learning the full meaning of I AM as well. And the dogma is in what is learnt.

Richard Craig/Passion

This is my testimonial for aemi. It has been more than half a year, some may argue it is a long time, others might find it short. but for me it was the start of my life.

When i joined the course, I was curius about things like telekenisis and what have you. so i yust gave it a shot in the hope for some fun experiances. Althou the awakening course wasn’t about it, I quickly learned there was much much more to telekenisis and all those “powers” than what was on the surface, without complicated thetraheadron merkaba meditations or chanting a wierd phrase that you can’t even pronaunce.

It is now at the point where i can go “I want that weather tomorrow” and i get it. If i am watching a sport game, I know that I decide who is going to win and who is goin to lose. these are just mererly things that i can do, personally I do them for spending my time. but I found the 2 most valuable things there is in creation, family and above all myself.

I can’t personally think of a live without michael,peter,jeremy and all the other students/teacher becouse i realize this life isn’t about “power” but it is about the sole purpose of creation, living.

Sebastiaan Peters/Sabastiaan

To The Masters, Peter Shelton, Francesca Johnston, and to you Master Michael Monk, who has showed me different life altering path, to who we really are as a human being, or what is also termed as Hu-Man God-Man.

You have shown techniques, which i knew i had deep down inside, but not knowing how to use it properly, to gain access via a step by step structure and then implement in to this 3d reality, its a truly mind boggling humble experience.

For the first time in a long while i have gained true strength, in side and out, which l haven’t had since representing my country in sport, that deep down burning desire and exhilaration of honing your skills to get to that next level of development.

l feel like that i have just about come full circle, to having kids at a young age and loving wife of 20 years, had successful businesses and doing different psychic and healing modalities which led me to the path of 3 years of becoming a Reiki Master and now having the drive to take up martial arts to incorporate that physical balance.

Thank you for igniting that passion deep down inside, because with these techniques some days its like a energy roller coaster feeling like your energy body being twisted and contorted and spat back out in to 3d reality and its like wow what ride, lets do that again. Once again thank you Michael, and thank you Peter and Francesca, thanks for all your help, Greg, Namaste.

P S did a love job for a mate yesterday, slipped and drilled a 2” whole saw in my fingers and had to have emergency micro surgery, check this out upon doing the injury my avatar energy chakra diamond fired up and instantly you can feel the energy pouring out of the injury and it stopped the blood flow, l was in that feeling of no pain that i was able to drive my self 30 mins down to the hospital, cool.

Greg Mate

Michael Monk teaches with the authority of someone who has gained true knowledge through real experience. Through simple exercises it is possible to verify this knowledge for yourself. Awareness of energy, and experience of yourself as an energetic being, enhance and enrich your life experience, empowering you, to create a world that you want to live in. The AEMI forum is full of loving, caring, positive people, who share their experiences, and life knowledge in such a way, that it feels more like belonging to a soul family rather than just another internet forum.


Hi Michael,
Thank you for your time on the phone yesterday and the energetic activation experience after the call.
I just wanted to say that this activation was incredible, it was an expansive and consciousness altering experience including visions of understandings that I have now been able to integrate. I truly can’t express into words how amazing this process felt (other dimensional) and the new perspective of conscious energy that has come from it. I felt totally pumped/alive after this and was aware of a pulsing internal energy for hours, I’m still coming to some new realisations with regards to some of the visions and I know this experience has helped land me on my new path.
Thank you again mate, I can’t recommend this enough to anyone looking to awaken and connect to the amazing energetic powers that we all have within.

Stephen Lovchyld

“Solid” is a very good term to mention about this place. It seems most, if not all here have heard, seen or participated in other teaching modalities that usually come up with disappointing results.
This however, is the only place of substance that I’ve seen of my 11 years of deep research on these subjects. I’m truly grateful to have found this place.

R Williams

I have to say that I have also spent lots of time with different energy practices in the past from Magick and Wicca to qigong and yoga with varying degrees of success. For me what makes AEMI stand out is the simplicity, practicality, and confidence in the methods and especially the teaching of accepting all experience with the exercises as positive feedback and legitimate data and not discounting things as “just imagination.” It’s made a world of difference and has lead me back full circle to the path I had begun to traverse over 20 years ago. Thank you

Matt King

Hi im 15 years old I joined this membership today I didn’t know what to expect i practiced 2 years on other sites and accomplished nothing but after watching 30 seconds of your first lesson i could make a magnetic field and feel where my hands were anywhere near including movements. You are my hero and I can’t thank you enough may God Bless you in the highest.


I know the truth to what is being offered here and truly it is priceless. The possibilites are endless and you will certainly experience things that go far beyond even the best imagination of what is possible. I am new here and thrilled. Michael I must thank you for your desire to share such knowledge not commonly known and those who do know are far and few between. Thanks again. I do believe the universe is smiling because of you.

Bob Kempner/spiritwolf

After I joined avatarenergymaster.com my life changed in so many amazing ways but one undercurrent stays in mind most. TRUTH. I finally know why I am on this planet and how to go about reaching my destiny. No amount of money can buy this knowledge. Be it the ability to develop our superhuman psychic abilities with a Guarantee or just the fact that you will have in your hands a path to God/Creator. There is so much fluff and nonsense out there. People trying to milk humanity for all it’s worth so you can feel a slight feeling of bliss while meditating and they fill their pockets and feed you half truths. I challenge you. The reader of this testimonial to watch all the videos and pictures.To see the demonstrations for yourself and to feel the frequency of truth as Michael Monk desribes it. Help us become the energy masters of this world so we can unite consciously and make the changes we want, as opposed to sitting in a circle and discussing it all day long with no results. Go on find the truth. I DARE YOU!

David Knowles/Solarmax

The awakening course is exactly what I wanted in my life Not just theories, but awesome lessons and exercises that worked for me from the start and are changing my life day by day! This is what I was dreaming about all my life, it’s still hard to believe that I’ll be able to make even my wildest dreams come true! It’s all thanks to these wonderful teachers and supportive community

Monica Vitez/Monika_V

Thank you! I’m grateful for this space and what you guys are doing, it has made a huge difference in my life.


After hanging the straw, I did a little energy expansion exercise, then started. So, I put my hand up very slowly next to the stationary straw so they didn’t create wind. I put my fingers next to it, and thought of expanding and moving the straw. It moved away from my hand once, then went back and forth before stopping. I tried again-same results!!!! Then, while typing this, I tried some more to be sure I did it- it moved even farther away!!!!!!!! I am SO happy!!!! This is so incredible!!!


Thank you Michael and Francesca for your prayers, energy and encouragement. Greatly appreciated. Also thanks for this fabulous institute that gives someone like me a place to go for support and sanity. Namaste!


I am so glad to have been guided towards your site. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences.


Thanks Michael for the open welcoming and a spiritual home. I’ve been diving into all your lessons, diet and exercise and feel very inspired by it all. Feel very fortunate to have found you and all here.