We, humans are currently living in ego consciousness; in awareness of separation where self-survival is a priority. And if you had to take one thing out this post, it should be that ego consciousness is at the root of all the problems facing humanity.

My goal today is to make you realize that the evolution of humanity towards an idyllic future is entirely possible and that it starts with you.

There will however be obstacles for me towards this goal. One of the biggest obstacles is the fear of change, because as humans we have a strong attachment to our routine, our life as it is now; even if this life is not ideal. Although many things could be improved just with a few small changes.

Despite the barriers and obstacles, I have to say that I believe in humanity; I believe in you. I have the conviction that when you will realize that unity consciousness is THE solution BEFORE the other solutions you will do what is necessary to consciously trigger your own evolution and that of the people around you.

To help you have this realization, we will, in this post, take a look at how the ego consciousness works. After that, you will understand that continuing in the same direction – despite all the good intentions of the world – will lead us to disaster.

Also, when you will understand more clearly what unity consciousness is, it will become easier for you to decide to evolve.

To choose unity consciousness is to choose a profound change in our own nature; human nature. It is choosing to have a different perspective and it is a choice we have to make every day until it becomes a habit.

As each change we want is much more fun within a group, know that the Bioluminology community is here for you to share, grow and deepen your practices along the way.

Let’s dive in.

Humans have always been very good at solving problems, but they have an annoying tendency to create others afterwards. Let’s see some major examples.


In its original sense, communism is a form of social organization without classes, without state and without money, where material goods are shared.

The people who wanted to create communist states wanted to do it by force and have completely turned away from the original ideology of communism, resulting only in crimes and other human rights violations.


Capitalism strictly means an economic system based on the primacy of the right to individual property and in particular the private ownership of the means of production.

Capitalism has brought us a lot. All technological and material advances are its gifts. But what price are we paying for it. Pollution, over consumption and an elite that is completely in control of our economic and political system.


The original goal of socialism is to achieve social equality, or at least a reduction in inequality.

In different countries, allowances, tax credits, etc. have been very good ways to give back to the population. But let’s face it, this has also created a part of the population who voluntarily choose to depend on the state and the working population for income. This often results in some kind of resentment towards these people and towards the government.


You see. Humans very often have wonderful ideas, but applied in ego consciousness, it transforms and becomes a perversion of the original idea. You will find this dysfunction wherever you look closely. I invite you to look at the world with this eye from now on, without trying to find someone to blame.   Finding a person to blame is a story that never ends, because you will always very easily find someone to blame for anything.

Now let’s see what ego consciousness is.

For me ego consciousness is a perspective, a point of view, a way of seeing things through the eyes of the ego. What is the ego then? To find out, let’s go to the very beginning. I’m talking about the beginning of everything.

If we come from a common source, it makes sense to conclude that this source was there before. If this source was there before, it is logical to think that this source was all that existed.  Try to imagine for a second; the source existed and all it could experience was the ” I AM “. That’s it. There was nothing else.

Can you imagine? How would it feel?

Imagine being certain that you exist without being able to experience existence. Can you guess what is the predominant emotion felt by the source in this infinite emptiness.


I AM alone.

From this deep loneliness came the first desire. The desire not to be alone anymore. And without going into more details, the source, our source was divided into infinite parts, into infinite individuals. Individualizations of the whole, each containing the whole, coming from the void.  And the tool used by our source to allow us to remain in this individualization is what is called ego.

To better understand what happened, imagine that the air in the room you are in is all that exists. Now if you make a soap bubble with the air from this room in this room, the thin soapy film enclosing the air inside the bubble in question is what we could compare to the ego.

Does that make sense?

Take the time to think about it, everything came from nothing and the ego is a tool that helps us experience a World. For me that’s the miracle.

But our source did not want us to be as fragile as a bubble. Imagine if we popped out of existence at any realization of our connection to all that is. Not much of an interesting experience, right?  Therefore what separates us from the rest of the whole is very solid. In addition, each human experience serves to strengthen it even more. This is until we learn to use this great tool to help us in our evolution.

By not knowing or not remembering that our ego is only a tool for us to experience individuality, we have completely identified with our ego, thus limiting ourselves to the reality perceived by our senses.

As I said before, the ego uses every human experience to strengthen separation and does everything to protect what is inside of what it considers to be self. However, the ego also recognizes the connection that we have with the world outside, but is very selective in the choice to create a connection.

It can start with our parents. The ego says, these people take care of me, so the door is open for them, and I will defend them at all cost.

The more we grow, the more a sort of circle grows around us as we let in other people, animals, objects for reasons that are often barely understandable.

Have you ever heard of bar fights between different sport teams fans. Many of them may probably not even know each other. “We wear the same colors so that I fight by your side.”

This is an example where the ego enlarges the circle of self and creates a perverted version of unity consciousness. Note that in a ego perverted unity consciousness, there will always be the us against others. Therefore, the ego continues to strengthen separation by attempting unity.

Understand that I do not judge the ego. These are just observations. It is only by observing the ego that one will be able to notice its actions and act accordingly. To act accordingly means to put the ego back in its place, which is to be a tool for experiencing individualization, nothing more, nothing less.

By the way, this is the first step towards unity consciuosness. Because if the ego is not in its place, it will mean we are still identified with ego and thus under its influence.

This long explanation on the ego was for you to see that

1 – the ego is ONLY a tool to experience individualization.

2 – the ego is the real miracle. Without the ego no experience is possible.

You will also have understood that the human being completely identified with the ego solves problems while creating others. We know that humanity has always had fantastic ideas, beautiful ideologies in times of crisis, but when implemented, became completely tarnished by ego consciousness.

Would it be correct to assume that if we continue as a species to operate in this way, we will always find ourselves stomping in place and even regressing?

Is this evolution? It is easy to believe that we are evolving given the extraordinary technological developments of the past few decades. The question is are WE evolving?

Perhaps for a tiny fraction of the population, the answer is yes. For the rest, it’s obvious that not. Technology only serves to make them more disconnected.

Meditate on that…


We can conclude that ego consciousness is not good for humanity and the planet.

But I want to repeat it again, the existence of the ego is THE miracle. The goal is not to transcend the ego. But the goal is to bring the ego to a connection without discrimination with what is around us. In other words, it is not the ego that decides who or what to accept in the circle, but the real us; our consciousness, the energy that moves this body, the manifestation of the source within us.

Let’s take a look at what unity consciousness looks like.

Unity consciousness when accomplished is a consciousness that naturally encompasses instead of separating.

Unity consciousness does not take into account self and not self; From us and from you. Everything is one.

Unity consciousness is not a consciousness dedicated to survival because it knows that it is eternal. However, this does not mean that we cannot find value in anything. Beauty has value.

And since unity consciousness connects all that is, – or is the realization of what already is – everything that one feels can be felt by the other.

I know there are many who are already at the stage of being able to feel what the other is feeling. These people are called empaths. I’m one of them.

However, we have not even started to imagine what is possible. Furthermore, this does not mean that less empathetic people cannot take this path. The door is open for everyone.

Because empathic or not, unity consciousness is not in our real nature – human nature. Unity consciousness demands that we decide to recognize the connection between everything and to live it. Live the connection.

At the same time this connection is so easy to obtain and so present that you don’t even realize it.

I have to go back before I continue.

I said that the first step towards unity consciousness is to put the ego in its place. Is your ego in its place? Because when I give you the next step towards unity consciousness your ego will surely make pfff, are you kidding me? After that it will be harder for you to continue following because you will be identified with your ego again. It is very important for me to come back to this point because your ego does not want to know anything about unity consciousness. For ego, unity equals danger.

Okay, you’re ready?  Do you need a moment?

Let’s go.

Feeling is the universal language. In other words, feeling is a form of communication and communication equals connection.

Let me give you an analogy.

If someone speaks to you in a language you don’t understand at all, all you will hear is noise. This noise is not communication. If there is no communication there is no connection. Maybe the person in question will make signs in order to be understood and there a certain communication is made and a connection is formed.

Back to the feeling.

If the feeling is a language, we must at least recognize it then learn it afterwards in order to create the connection. And you are already feeling things every second of your life, you just were not aware that it was the world around you communicating with you.

We only pay attention to strong emotions; negative or positive, neglecting everything in between the two extremes.

The secret is to try to locate the place inside which corresponds to what you observe outside. I say observe, but it can be applied to each of your senses. Touch, hearing, taste, smell; all your senses are used in a way to observe or analyze the world.

Practice it; practice it with each of your senses.

You will realize in due course the extent of what you have just learned, but we have not yet reached unity consciousness. We have one last step to take.

After putting the ego in its place, and understanding that each feeling is a form of communication, therefore a connection, you just have to train your consciousness to see and accept that you are the connection as well as the other. Simply put, the connection is the bridge between you and the other. When the connection is made the energy is one and you are all of that energy. You only have to realize it to experience it.

To wonder what happens to the other is to go back to the ego. But I still want to address this point.

Imagine two candles. One with a big flame the other with a small one. Now imagine that I am merging the two flames, what happens? We are left with an even greater flame. This is unity. All parties win.

I admit, this last step seems less clear, harder to conceive. In practice it looks like a letting go, a release of tension, a superior form of relaxation. You will have to practice it and when you get there, you will understand.

Let’s recap before concluding.

The ego is put in its place, so that it does not harm the connection.

We recognize that each feeling is a communication, therefore a connection.

Then we realize that we are both the connection and the other.

This practice brings your consciousness to fruition. This practice brings you to remember that you are not your body, but the energy that moves your body. You will slowly start to identify yourself as the energy that moves this body instead of the body.

Now here is how this practice will change the world.

Good or bad, we all have a perspective on the world, nourished by years of human experience. People who want to change things, with very good intentions, take their point of view and offer it to others. With some it works, while with others it doesn’t. This is because we forget that others too have lived and therefore have their own point of view on the world and this point of view is often well anchored.

By practicing the connection with the world around you, you will see that gradually you will change because by connecting with a tree you will be able to see the world from the perspective or the point of view of the tree. By connecting with the moon you will be able to see the world from the perspective of the moon. By connecting with your neighbor you will be able to see the world from your neighbor’s point of view. In the long run you will no longer really have a point of view on things but more of a field of view connected to all that exists around you and that is unity consciousness.

The more people are connected in this way to the world, the more human being as a species will become rich of a field of view on the world completely changing the way we approach our problems.

Do you see now?


I understand that reaching unity consciousness may seem complicated, especially at the beginning. Be aware that this is because we are at the very beginning of this new stage in our evolution. The more people who will take this road, the easier it will be to take the road.

I invite you today to be the pioneers of a much better future.

Connect with the world around you, learn from this world. With each connection you will change, and that’s a good thing.

Try to imagine a world where happiness and self-joy will be entirely dependent on the happiness and joy of others.

Imagine such a world.

Now, I did my best to share with you the importance and beauty of unity consciousness as concisely as possible.

Never neglect the impact that you can have as an individual evolving into unity consciousness. My greatest desire is the beautiful world I can foresee and it starts with YOU.

If you still feel lost or have questions do not forget that the Bioluminology community and myself are here to help.

To conclude, I would like to try once again to make you realize that the miracle in this world is ego. Without the ego, without the separation, without the difference how could we live an experience so rich in sensation. We must become AS ONE.

In unity without separation, without difference, without ego only the “I AM” exists.

Thank you for reading.

Namaste and God is Always Blessing You.