Christ Consciousness Activation Webinar

Presence Mastery – The Art of 5th Dimensional Living in the Christ


Do you want to live a 5th dimensional life RIGHT NOW? Every moment of your life magical miraculous synchronicity? Every moment of your life, 24 hours, 7 days a week, deeply enriching spiritual experience?

Christ Consciousness is the consciousness of the heart. Even if you do not call it CHRIST you can be a part of this complete 5th dimensional living from heart-based consciousness which has a mind. The heart is a MIND with a greater complexity of circuitry. FAR GREATER than the brain, existent in a greater density invisible to our instruments. The greater mind, the Christ consciousness, knows itself as being every single person on the planet simultaneously and also past, present and future living in every moment. It is with Christ consciousness that you can obtain your highest evolution – all minds on the planet simultaneously, past, present and future, it makes you part of every mind on the planet, part of the great symphony. All of reality becomes your master teacher, miracles, healing, out of body experiences, understanding of numerology and symbology – all becomes your normal life.

NOT ONLY is this a webinar, but it is a GROUP within Bioluminology. There will be a general chat and a special group gets to join a moderated group on the Bioluminology forum to share all the magic. There will also be a support group for everyone that is involved in it and is having experiences.

Michael Monk is living avatar of Christ consciousness, connected fully in the body with all abilities and privileges that go with that including the ability to activate others within that full level of consciousness.

GOD is love and love does not care by which name it is called so if you want to view this in an entirely metaphysical way, this is a complete and full tuning to the higher consciousness of the heart centre.

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