Learn Directly

from Michael Every Week

Michael Monk is now offering a $95 lifetime membership to his webinar group where he is going to be sharing at least 1 webinar weekly. He will do healing and activations of consciousness. Rare is the opportunity that teachers can take a break from teaching in order to dive into all that we are. Great blessings and manifestations will rain down upon all who will be in this soul group.

Over the last year Michael has trudged through his own Dark Night of the Soul, and he has tapped into an unprecedented level of love. He will be transmitting basic knowledge, advanced, and mastery knowledge there…meaning that you will participate in art where the highest levels of healing will occur.

You will gain access to knowledge that has not ever been shared as well as learn the new Advanced and Mastery material that many have been wanting in the first place. Many that have worked with Michael can attest to how incredible it is to share in oneness with him. Jump on the chance to be part of this life-changing program today!


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